4 ways to stay happy and healthy in retirement

by Sylvie Tremblay

You may be surprised to learn that retirement can be hazardous to your health.  But resetting just a few habits can help you keep well.

It’s no secret that retirement changes your life.  Even if you’re shifting to a part-time career or becoming a consultant, your schedule will never be the same.  Retirement could chip away at those healthy habits you’ve works so long to develop.  Or it could give you the chance to make some new ones.

“Anything can be used as an opportunity to embrace health and wellness, and anything can be used as an excuse,” says Kathleen Trotter.  She’s a Toronto-based personal trainer and author of Finding Your Fit.  “You have the opportunity to make the next 20 to 40 years the best ones you’ve ever had.”

Retirement is a watershed moment.  Try these four tips to seize the moment and build healthy physical and financial habits:

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