Have you had a family meeting about money?

by Dave Dineen

Who would look after your kids if something happened to you? Can your mother still live independently? The time to discuss such issues is now!

Be it Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving or some other holiday, it’s always the right time of year to offer your family a gift no one outside the family could ever give: the wisdom and insights of a family financial meeting.

In our family, this kind of meeting has become an important tradition. Several generations gather to share something more substantial than a meal, more enduring than gifts, more meaningful than chitchat. The goal is to share our collective financial insights, experience and wisdom — to help each of us achieve our goals.

We devote some quiet time, free of distractions, so that each person in the family can answer a simple question: “What’s your financial priority and what are you doing about it?”

I can’t promise that every moment of the family financial meeting will be fun, or that all topics will be happy ones, but I can almost guarantee you’ll find the experience rewarding. You’ll feel like a better member of a stronger family.

Your family may be all in one community, or you may be scattered across the country or even across more than one country. But with Skype, distance is no excuse for not giving a family financial meeting a try.

What does a family financial meeting look like?

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