Hot yoga, superfoods and insurance


Hot yoga, superfoods and insurance

Protect the healthy lifestyle you’ve worked hard to build.

Your health and well-being matter to you. Perhaps you play ultimate frisbee or sweat it out in high-intensity interval training. Maybe you follow fitness influencers on Instagram, meditate or meal prep on the weekends. Whatever your preference, chances are you make a commitment to feeling your best. But what if your world suddenly turns upside down?

Ironically, millennials, widely considered the most health-conscious generation,[1] often feel immune to the kinds of health problems that can derail the best-laid plans. Even if you know someone your age who has experienced a serious illness or disability, it can be hard to believe something similar could happen to you. In fact, there’s something called the “optimism bias” that makes people underestimate the risk that negative events, including injury and sickness, will affect them.[2]

The healthy lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve also includes your finances. Safeguarding your income can help prevent you from being caught off guard by lessening the financial impact of an unexpected illness or injury.

Ensure you have the right protection

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