How to become a super-saver

Saving money isn’t a super-power, but it does take effort — and a bit of imagination. Three successful savers share their secrets.

Everyone knows that saving money isn’t always easy and, over all, we don’t save enough. According to the 2018 Sun Life Financial Barometer, a national survey of 2,900 adults from 20 to 80, the average Canadian carries $18,660 in non-mortgage debt, while 24% of working Canadians have dipped into their retirement savings to pay off debts, cover health-care costs, or take a vacation.

Yet, there are some super-savers out there. Jackie Silverberg, a 68-year-old retiree, takes three trips a year, but rarely taps the money she’s earmarked for travel. Jason Campbell, 40, has taken three work sabbaticals and has paid off half his mortgage four years into being a homeowner. Erica Berman, 44, and her husband bought their car with cash. They have no mortgage and have amassed considerable retirement savings.

So how have these three people bucked the no-savings trend, and what tips do they have for those who are struggling to save? Here’s their advice.

Have a savings philosophy

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