OPTIMAX WEALTH Introducing Life Insurance for your Children

So why should parents or grandparents consider Optimax Wealth 20 Pay for children?

Benefits of Optimax Wealth 20 Pay:

  • Affordable juvenile rates if you apply when child or grandchild is a minor
  • Dividends* can be used to increase coverage which can increase cash values
  • Any dividends, once declared cannot be taken back
  • The Guaranteed Insurability Option allows for the purchase of additional coverage, on a child or grandchild, regardless of their health
  • Possible tax advantages if you pass ownership to your child or grandchild
  • Guaranteed paid-up coverage after 20 years ** means no further financing from you, your children or grandchildren.
  • Accumulating cash value can help with future borrowing needs
  • Adding a Payor Death and Disability option will ensure the plan continues should the unexpected happen to you
  • Allows you to leave a financial legacy to your children or grandchildren

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