Should you buy critical illness insurance for your child?

Your child’s serious illness can affect the whole family physically, emotionally & financially. Child critical illness insurance can ease the strain.

Michael Ellis says he’ll never forget the day the doctor called him to tell him his daughter, Chloe was ill. Earlier that day, Chloe had blood work done, and the results showed her blood sugar levels were sky high. He knew his daughter wasn’t well, but he had no idea of the magnitude of the problem. “When the doctor called, he said, “I’m surprised she’s still standing, go to the closest emergency room immediately.”

Ellis rushed to his local hospital, and that day his daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In the days after the incident, Ellis and his wife took time off to be at the hospital with their daughter until she was able to go home.

What is child critical illness insurance (CII)?

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